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domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

Macaxeira / Mandioca

En el norte de Brasil se suele sustituir la papa (patata) por macaxeira, un tipo de mandioca que se cocina de diferentes maneras y se sirve acompañada de diferentes tipos de carnes.
 In northern Brazil potato is usually replace by macaxeira, a type of cassava (mandioca) It is cooked in different ways and is served with different types of meats.
             Snack de macaxeira frita con pequeños trozos de carne de buey.
             Fried Snack macaxeira with small pieces of beef.

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  1. मुझे विश्वास है कि आपने यह भोजन ब्राज़ील में खाया होगा और आपको यह पसंद भी आया होगा |

    1. Yes dear, you are right. This is a good option for eating as a snack or in the lunch. Sometimes they eat mandioca instead of potatoes. In a restaurant you have the option to choose: potatoes or cassava.


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