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viernes, 13 de junio de 2014

Algunas curiosidades en Kathmandu//Some curiosities in Kathmandu

En Kathmandu nos podemos encontrar con algunas cosas curiosas:
Tener el privilegio de poseer una escultura de Buda en posición de loto en plena vía publica puede generar ciertos inconvenientes :)
Aviso:  Está prohibido echarse una siesta sobre las piernas de Buda.
In Kathmandu we can find some interesting things:
 To have the privilege of having a Buddha sculpture in lotus position in the middle of public streets can generate certain drawbacks :)

Notice: It is forbidden to take a nap on the lap of the Buddha.

Aunque los carteles de prohibiciones no siempre son respetados :)
 Although prohibitions are not always respected :)
¡Podemos "escalar" el Everest!
We can climb the Everest!
Ver más aquí- See more here:

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  1. Nice and funny photos in Nepal. First you can see that 'NO PARKING' some time it shows that it was the parking place and then people park their vehicles even it is prohibited. Next is Mount Everest made in front of a museum. Nice to climb on it and feel on the top of the world :)


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