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jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Sari y abanico??? hmmm... :) (Saree and fan??? hmmm.... :)

En Kalkuta hace TANTO CALOR ( ¡en marzo!) que no tuve mas remedio que apelar a nuestra vieja herencia española del abanico jeje  En la India este artefacto no se utiliza así que la combinación de sari (pinchar aquí)  y abanico quedaba bastante extraña pero, que podía hacer??

 In Kolkata the climate is SO HOT (in March!) that I had no choice but to appeal to our old Spanish heritage habit of using fan hehe In India this appliance is not used so the combination of saree and fan was quite strange but, what I could do ?

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  1. Now I can see my school and its main gate where I was studying from 1989 to 1984. Now you refreshed my memory again dear. It is my good luck that you reached there and you took this photo :)I am very happy with this photo :)Thanks for posting this photo in your blog.


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